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Afraid to Fly

12 July 1987
hello! My name is Sara, nice to meet you!! ^_^ well.. what can I say? I'm italian, studying japanese at university, trying to become a more or less decent translator.. I love manga and anime, my favourites authors are kaory yuki and CLAMP ^_^ but more, at least for now, I love the (male) idols world ^_^ johnny's like news, ebikisu, butoukan, kat-tun, kanjani.. and actors like takeru sato, miura haruma are my current obsession ^_^ I love japanese music, from Jpop and Jrock to traditional music.. what else? more or less I've said all.. I've always hated writing a profile, it makes me feel an idiot ^_^' ah, one more thing: my pets!! and for who knows kisumai.. try to guess who my favouries are ^_^